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Smell the roses

Smell the roses

I've been blessed to meet some pretty amazing people over the course of my career. Many have influenced me profoundly. They've encouraged me to think about the big picture, evaluate situations thoughtfully and find different ways to achieve better outcomes. In between...

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Ubering for Better

Ubering for Better

The news today had more updates about the resignation of Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick. My hope is that the groundswell of negative reaction to Mr. Kalanick's overall bad behavior and toxic culture enabling, will create a weeding out movement in other firms and...

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Sometimes things go wrong

Sometimes things go wrong

Recently my husband and I had planned to check out some new areas in upstate NY. But sometimes plans go awry. We blew a tire on the Mass Pike. After getting a new one installed (hearty THANKS to Eddie and the other caring mechanic at the Mobile Station on River Street...

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Welcome to WomenCentric – a space that champions working women and women entrepreneurs everywhere. Whether you’re seeking  inspiration, advice, tips, or interviews with a variety of fascinating people, we hope to help you live more fully. Want to sort out your priorities, learn about new options, advance your career, how to take a new path or how to start and build your business faster?? Great, so do we! Oh, and we love sharing a bunch of free stuff, including webinars and e-books, as well as discounted Conference tickets, business services and more. So if you’ve got any deals to share let me know.

Stay tuned for new blog posts about healthy living, home design, recipes, traveling, good burger joints, gourmet destinations and whatever cool stuff that strikes our fancy!

Warm regards – Pattie Simone, founder

A little history…

WomenCentric began in 2005 as a speaking group to spark new opportunities for five dynamic women. We gave corporate training and entrepreneurial workshops, and met countless amazing women and men. In 2011, I launched a beta online directory, providing a positive space to discover new work and career opportunities via stories of other women’s journeys, as well as deals and discounts to valuable Conferences and events. Our motto: ‘get listed, get found’ appealed to many – and within several years our roster included talented, ambitious women from 31 countries.

Today, I’m a mortgage banker by day and blogger by night, hoping to empower your journey, make you smile, provide some helpful tips and share my take on a variety of timely and interesting work/life topics.

Here’s to your success-
Pattie Simone – Entrepreneur, Writer and M&T Mortgage Processor


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