Great Friends, Mentors & Motivators – Yasmin Bendror, Karen Yankovich and me 🙂

I’ve been blessed to meet some pretty amazing people over the course of my career. Many have influenced me profoundly. They’ve encouraged me to think about the big picture, evaluate situations thoughtfully and find different ways to achieve better outcomes.

In between the “what-makes-you-think-you-can-do-X” crowd, there have ALWAYS been the “reach higher, push harder, dream bigger” folks. Those are the people I’ve always gravitated to. The curious ones. The people who embrace change, want to be more productive, fuel innovation and get better results – for themselves, their business partners and clients.

Figure out what works for you…

With the fast pace of life and continual new goal setting, it’s easy to forget to unplug and just be. A recent event – and feedback from my family and some of my closest work friends – made me take a hard look at how I spend my time every day. A few tweaks of my life/work plan has resulted in better quality of life: I’m enjoying fulfilling client work AND a number of home / passion projects (like writing this post and working on my book).

While I’m pretty sure achieving a fully “balanced life” is a fruitless quest, I heartily recommend taking the time to smell the roses, whatever that means for you.