Every time I hear Bill Withers’ famous song, Ain’t No Sunshine, I can’t help but think of the now infamous scene where Hugh Grant strolls through time, and four seasons, in Notting Hill – (seemingly) during one, long, very imaginative take. Happily I found the clip when I Googled it, so enjoy listening and watching while you read the rest of this post!

Just in case you’ve haven’t seen the movie…

During the song, bookstore owner William Thacker (played by Grant) is shown trying to walk off his unexpected romantic encounter with movie star Anna Scott, played by Julia Roberts.

The song had a personal (happy) emotional significance attached to it way before I saw this movie – I sang it at a girlfriend’s wedding reception in Manchester, England years ago. But now that movie scene – and the aching feeling of love lost – replays in my mind every time I hear “Ain’t No Sunshine” on the radio.

Being a marketer, I can’t help but draw parallels about how important it is for brands to create strong connections with their target markets, through visceral, engaging storytelling, audio and visuals.

When companies get that right, their prospects and clients develop strong, positive emotions about their product(s) or service. Per branding and marketing communications pro Joan Damico, when consumers develop great feelings, attitudes and beliefs about a brand, that visceral engagement leads to ka-ching.

So, take a look at what you’re doing. Get your visceral brand voice out there, and grab the hearts and wallets of your clients and prospects.

Let the sunshine and sales in 🙂