Even though my husband wasn’t keen on downsizing, I became convinced we had to start thinking about moving. With two of our three kids out, our 5 bedroom house was feeling way too big. Besides, I really wanted to cut our expenses. When you begin to think about moving, you start looking at things differently – at least I did.

How did all this stuff get here? When’s the last time we painted this room? What the heck was I thinking when I bought this hideous lamp?

It was overwhelming. But I knew whatever we did, we’d have to think like BUYERS, not like sellers. I’m an avid HGTV watcher – love getting tips and inspiration from Joanna & Chip Gaines in Fixer Upper, Drew and Scott from The Property Brothers, and the enthusiastic mother-daughter team Mina and Karen.

I knew exactly what needed to happen:

  • declutter – every room, from the attic to the basement
  • invest in select pieces of new furniture
  • update all three bathrooms
  • paint the exterior trim and aging garage doors
  • paint all the major living areas, selectively

We ended up having one and half years to transform our dated home into an HGTV-worthy, quick selling property. A longer commute for my husband fueled the decision to list it on Zillow during the Christmas holiday season.

We got an offer the first day it was on the market – and (initially) accepted a full price offer within 8 days.

Like to learn how we listed our home and got a full price offer in 8 days?

I’ll tell you! I hope that my journey as a novice general contractor and interior designer will help YOU can make more profitable decisions, so you can get THE BEST price for your home!