If you haven’t updated your online persona in awhile, get cookin’! Because every networking contact, strategic partner, client or prospective employer will go online to find out more information about you.

So, don’t forfeit your chance to make a great first impression!

Make the following a top priority:

  • Review your work credentials, skill sets, internships, objectives, testimonials, etc. and update them with the most recent and relevant content that will serve your current objectives on LinkedIn, Monster or other job boards.
  • Clearly list your accomplishments, including special recognitions, larger projects or awards.
  • Choose 1-2 social media channels and use them – for intel on the latest industry trends, breaking news, career and company news, and to update your followers and fans about interesting articles, inspirational quotes, videos, etc.

Showcase your expertise in a variety of quality, high-traffic spaces. Opine on other people’s posts on LinkedIn. Join niche or industry LinkedIn groups. Start a personal blog. Share interesting articles and videos on LinkedIn. Look into guest blogging opportunities on an industry or influencer site.

Another option – SHOW what you say you are. Put together a sample report with insight and recommendations, as if you already had the job. This approach (which was publicized all over the internet) got one very creative job seeker multiple job offers.

There’s a ton of competition
out there

So use keyword-rich, geo-targeted language. If you are a female interior designer in the UK, insert your specific service areas in the first sentence of your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other profiles/boards.

Sample SEO friendly, geo-targeted blurb: “I’m based in London, but I have done residential and commercial interior design projects as far north as Manchester, and I have served several special clients in Chichester as well.”

Google yourself and the name of your business often – it’s important to know what’s floating around on the internet. This way you can quickly address any issues.

Being successful is all about building relationships.  By carefully managing your personal and work-related online data (in effect becoming your own PR machine), you can increase your options and opportunities; allowing online and mobile surfers to stumble upon the best information about you. Comfort leads to dialogue and budding business relationships you can profit from.

Strong, strategic content is truly magnetic.

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