A few weeks ago a close business pal of mine, Karen Yankovich, was invited to go to Virginia, to see her friend and business colleague, Christina Daves, interview Hoda Kotb, the bubbly co-host of the popular NBC TV Today Show, Kathie Lee & Hoda. While she was there, Karen took pictures, did several pre- and post-show Periscopes (live video report), and of course, live Tweeted snippets of wisdom and humor from the event as it it was happening. Afterwards she got a chance to have a selfie taken with Hoda – very cool!

A few days later, Karen wrote a blog post entitled “Business Lessons from Hanging with Hoda”, where she related some of the key business- and career-related takeaways that Hoda and Christina shared. Although I was furiously taking notes from the live stream, I love hearing what other people’s point of view.

Per Karen’s post – and a subsequent Periscope – she was struck by three main takeaways:

  • “Just Ask.” Many us make it harder for ourselves because we think we have to go it alone. Nope, you don’t.
  • “Be generous with your your expertise”. This really struck a chord with me, because wonderful adventures I never dreamed of sprung from various caring souls sharing their wisdom and advice with me.
  • “Ask for what you want & Think BIG”, because so many of us thwart great things happening because we don’t allow ourselves to imagine without limits and go after our dream.

So the point of THIS blog post?? We all experience exciting, amazing, and yes, challenging things everyday. Each of us may learn something, get motivated, or make a mental note to follow up on a book, an article or workshop – all of which are good.

Savvy business folks and marketers take their experiences two steps further. They write, tweet, photograph, video tape and Blab and Periscope about what they experienced. In the process they broaden their reach, very likely elevate their ‘expert” status and increase the number of fans and followers – all because they took the time to share valuable observations and tips from something THEY experienced. Brilliant.

My mantra from this – Share and repurpose often. By leveraging real time adventures through sharing (relevant, timely, educational, funny, and yes even slightly outrageous) good stuff – before, during and after any experience – good stuff (and karma) will come back to you.

Author Note: Read Karen Yankovich’s full Business Lessons from Hanging with Hoda here.

A tip of the hat and a hearty “Thanks” to David Meerman Scott must be made, since this blog post is also an excellent example of what he calls “newsjacking”. When done correctly, newsjacking is an excellent way to insert your views, expertise and advice into another event, article, blog post or breaking news story. Read more and see a great video of David explaining newsjacking here.

About the Author: Pattie Simone is a PR and Business Communications Strategist and Speaker, who helps individuals and companies create warmer inbound leads via authentic storytelling, optimized web marketing, videos, social media, and public relations. She is founder of WomenCentric.net, a business and career advancement resource, and has appeared on ABC, MSNBC and FOX 5 TV. Follow Pattie on Twitter: @PattieSimone and @WomenCentric